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Dusting off my print chops

It’s been forever since my last post! Here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to lately. A couple shots of a survival guide for HP. It works to educate sales reps about the latest products and even gives them a chance to win some cool prizes. The piece was heavy on illustrations, which we did all in-house and photoshop work to create the weather boy-scout handbook feel.


Kitchen Inspiration

I would love to have my kitchen more opened up, like this:

Laundry Room Inspiration

I love the faucet on this one from design sponge.

But, maybe with this sink from IKEA.

Love this cottage style drying rack, or maybe a wall-mounted accordion-style one or this pointy one (I don’t know what it’s official name would be!)


This pull-out ironing board is genius.

Cisco Illustration

I just finished up a little illustration for Cisco’s SP360: Service Provider Blog. It’s always fun to bust out the illustration skills, and always a pleasure to work with J. Ivy.


I don’t have too much to say about this photo, I think it sort of speaks for itself. What a peculiar animal that I share my home with.

yellow + pink

Who doesn’t love flowers? I got a nice surprise today at work, which I had to share. Beautiful colors for a budding spring day.

Be brilliant at the basics

Wow, David Airey’s Be Brilliant at the Basics post sure caught my eye today! As a designer, I am often focused on details like color and fonts, but if I widen my lens a little, I see that business sense is staring me straight in the eye at all times.

I came across a great list of basic business reminders today on David Airey’s blog (via David featured an excerpted list from the mini-book Brilliant At The Basics of Business 100, by author, designer, and teacher Nicholas Bate of Oxford-based Strategic Edge.

luggage tags transformed into art

Heath Ceramics

So in love with Heath Ceramics since checking them out at Canoe here in Portland. I love how the warm, rich colors stay vibrant with the matte finish. The slightly off balance proportions are completely endearing.

Baby Carrots

These guys were too cute not to post! I’ve tried to grow carrots unsuccessfully several times, so I thoroughly enjoyed these little beauties in a salad tonight. Not bad for mid October.