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my obsession with antlers

I recently learned about about something called shed hunting. It’s the practice of “hunting” for antlers that some of our four-legged friends shed every year. This all started when I discovered The Antler Lady, who creates long-lasting chew toys for dogs out of shed antlers. As the owner of a dog who can make quick work of toys that tout themselves as “indestructible”, I was intrigued by the promise of a chew toy that would last for months. And, although the antler only lasted a week, it by far outlasted anything else I’ve bought for distructo doggie. I’m hooked.

Suddenly I’m seeing antlers everywhere! I came across these charming antler hooks from Antler & Co today on and I’m set on making one! So, back to shed hunting. Must find antlers… The season is typically from December-February which means I have a few weeks to find someone who knows where to look for the antlers. I’m on the case.

DIY Wall Garden

Here’s another idea is vertical gardening. This time, it’s of the DIY persuasion…

Tutorial by Martha McQuade of Uniform Natural


This probably won’t the most exciting post, but I always seem to forget organizing ideas I have for the house, if I don’t put them on here!

So, first thing, is organizing dry food like pasta and dried beans. Glass, stack-able and simple are my musts, so these canisters from The Container Store will do the trick!

Plant Lust

I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time on here… is a simple search tool to explore plants and the nurseries to find them.

a blog to love

As you can probably tell, I find it fascinating to see how others decorate their homes–especially on a budget. I stumbled upon Young House Love a couple days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed going through it

bathroom remodel : tile up!

bathroom remodel : planning

It’s good to have a plan. I measured out the space to know how much tile to purchase and then went to the computer to get a grasp on tile layout. We’ll see if it comes out anything like this!

weekend project

I used the Grundtal series from Ikea to get clutter off my limited (i.e., precious) kitchen work spaces. I’m really happy with how it turned out – the stainless steel finish is a nice complement to the faucet I put in last year.

bathroom plans

Tub to ceiling tile is looking to be a must. I love how it makes the room seem more grand in this remodel.

orange + blue-grey + chartruse

Oh my gosh this color combination makes me weak in the knees. I think a splash of chartreuse is just what my living room needs!