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serious bootage

Boots! Those ones I posted last week are cute and all, but the minute I put these on, I had to have them. Well, that’s not entirely true. It was a tough decision, but once I saw they were designed in engineered in Italy, I was um… sold. That, in combination with the sense of adventure having them on sparked.

I’ve been talking about hiking the South Sister for YEARS, and that is something I’d like to do this year. And now I have some serious boots to do it!

The Tivoli

I love them in a rugged girlie kind of way. And after surviving Snopocalypse ’09 Part II, I realized that if am I to survive Snopocalypse ’10, I really need a pair of warm boots.

Sorel describes them as a refresh of their classic insulated 1964 pac boots. “The Tivoli updates the timeless profile of that long-time favorite with a fresh, modern look.”

love this

More here.

today’s inspiration

I was over at Sydney’s today brainstorming with J. Ivy and noticed this older man who was rockin’ designer jeans and this shirt. I know I had seen it before, but wrote it down on the corner of my notebook to look up later. Of course, it was a shirt I had seen at Pategonia and the artist is Geoff McFetridge.

He’s got some really good ideas going here about how to making your work more meaningful. He explains a technique of working with graphics in a personal way. By infusing things from your personal/emotional life into your work, you can create some meaningful results.

On a personal level the shirt caught my eye because the bear instantly reminded me fishing in Alaska. The message hit me secondarily, and made me think that “simply” would be a good way to go about the ideas we were coming up with and above all is a good way to go throughout your day. Yes, sometimes it’s the little things!

italian preppy?

i dig this spread of fall style inspiration. dubbed italian pretty – i’m on it.