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33 miles or so

Today was another one of those great “Longest Distance EVER” training days. I rode with my neighbors and a couple other friends from Southeast to the Esplanade, up to University of Portland, over to Marine Drive to the airport, then along the 205 back home. What a ride. This photo is from Marine Drive, where we faced a strong headwind, it was made a little easier by the beautiful blue skies and amazing view of Mt Hood

Post cycling activities included a long shower, followed by a trip to Sellwood Cycle Repair to look for an upgrade to my sweet (but rather heavy) vintage Motobecane. I do love that bike, but after getting on a carbon frame bike, well, I’m ready to upgrade at least to aluminum and Shimano shifters ASAP.

longest swim ever!

A really fun part about training for your first triathlon is completing new personal record distances. Tonight I swam 1100 yards–which is my farthest swim EVER! There’s something really fun about saying that. I joined Meredith at her regular swimming venue–the Mt Scott pool–which happens to be a convenient five minute bike ride from our houses. The pool at Mt Scott was warmer than LA Fitness, which was I liked and although the atmosphere was louder–with the big play area next to the lap pool–it was actually really nice to have the added energy in the space (LA Fitness’ pool is almost always eerily empty).

The swim went well, Meredith gave me a few pointers which really helped with rhythm. I worked on really raising my elbows out of the pool to get a rocking motion. This helped with breathing–in particular I noticed it helping me rotate to bring my head to the side for air.

Getting up to 1600 yards doesn’t feel so daunting!

shamrock 2010

Shamrock was great – I finished the 8K at 55:10, 11 minute miles, which I felt great about! Anyone who has run with me knows that’s on the fast side for me.

And the final design of the 2010 teeshirts turned out ab-fab as well.

eighteen miles

I just completed an 18 mile ride with Mere. It was great! We headed east on the Springwater Corridor, then looped over on the 205 bike path near the new Max line, then down Holgate. Coffee and stretching out front of Bar Carlo.

I’m feeling more and more comfortable on my bike and more and more excited about getting a newer, lighter bike. Gonna go check out some bikes next weekend at Sellwood Cycle Repair which people keep recommending to me.

going the distance

My friend, Meredith is also participating in the Pacific Crest Triathlon this summer. She is working with Team in Training and has a fund-raiser coming up this weekend. I created an ID for her event. Fun stuff!
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called out… by me!

So, I totally didn’t go to the gym last night. I contimplated not even mentioning it on here, but part of the reason I decided to start blogging about my training was to keep myself honest. I was still pretty sore from six miles of nordic skiing on Sunday and had a pile of dishes to take care of so I decided to give some attention to my home front surroundings and let my muscles recover a bit.

I feel a little silly for having written “Bring it!” last night and then not going, but I feel all the more motivated to go tonight and remember to let myself rest when I need to.

new tri schedule

I found a new training schedule that isn’t so intimidating! Yay! The schedule is in minutes, not a confusing combination of time and distance like the first one I was using. My calendar is updated and I’m ready to go!

I’m 22 weeks out from the event, feels really great to have the schdule worked out. Tonight’s workout is 48 minutes of biking and 24 minutes of swimming. Bring it!

nine miles

I just got home from a nine mile ride at the gym and I have to say it felt pretty good! I actually don’t know if I’ve ever ridden a bike farther than that… ever! Stationary or otherwise – so yay! I got into the groove from mile 3-6, with miles 6-9 feeling a little monotonous. I’m really looking forward to outdoor training this spring where there are more distractions and the time goes by a little more quickly. (I hope!)

My training schedule had me starting with six days a week of training right from the get go, which I quickly realized would be unrealistic for the first few weeks at least. I know that I can find the time, but adjusting my schedule is going to have to be more of a gradual shift.

As far a diet, I’ve been drinking smoothies in the mornings which is giving me a lot of energy, then eating pasta and vegetables at lunch. Dinner has been on the random side. Baby steps. Ah, and also trying to ease up on adult beverages. Why am I doing this again? All kidding aside, I feel really good and am starting to notice increased energy.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Meredith, a good friend of mine who is also training for the same event. She opted to train through Team in Training, a great charity training program which raises money and awareness for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She gets training in exchange for fund-raising for them. Way to give back! Visit her blog, she’s pretty hilarious – and if you just happen to fall in love with her, she’s got a link to her fund-raising page. So tomorrow we’ll be meeting to brainstorm ideas for her to reach her goals. We’re taking the “it takes a village” approach and pooling efforts – hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some ideas and maybe even a design or two. Plus we’re planning on doing training together when we can. It’s not only good for a warm fuzzy feeling, but it keeps you accountable!


Of the three events in the triathlon I’m training for, swimming is definitely the most intimidating. My training schedule for yesterday was running for 20 minutes and swimming 750 yards. I completed the running easily in the morning with my trusty four-legged partner in crime. When I got home from work I figured out how many laps exactly 750 yards was, and was a little shocked to learn it was 30 laps in a 25 yard pool!!

I ended up completing 16 laps (400 yards), which I feel really good about since the last time I really remember swimming any real distance was about three years ago when I swam around a bay in Costa Rica, although I remember having a beer in my hand, so nix that, not really real swimming…

Anyway, the event is still 19 weeks away, which gives me time to reach my final training distance of 1600 yards, and I hear wetsuits add buoyancy. I love that word, buo-yan-cy.

pacific crest olympic triathlon

I’ve been talking about completing a Tri for a few years now, and yesterday, after hearing that my neighbor, Ryan is training for the Pacific Creast Long Course Triathlon I was inspired to begin reaching towards that goal!

I’m officially training for the Pacific Crest Olympic Distance Triathlon June 27th in Sunriver, Oregon. That’s a 1.5 kilometer (or 1640 yards) swim, 28 miles of biking and a 10 kilometer run. I found a schedule to keep me on track through

There are many events over the weekend, and I’m happy to announce I’ve sparked the interested of a few friends and family members!

– Long Course Triathlon
– Endurance Duathlon
– Marathon (Boston Qualifier)
– Half Marathon
– Olympic Distance Triathlon & Duathlon
– 5K & 10K Run/Walks
– Kid’s Splash Pedal-n-Dash Triathlon
– Kid’s 1-mile and 1/2-mile Dash

More information here: