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keep it simple

Keep It SimpleLove this type, and what a great message from WK.

combining fonts

Yes! I have been looking for a guide like this. A great resource based upon H&FJ’s Highly Scientific First Principle of Combining Fonts: keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary.


shamrock 2010

Shamrock was great – I finished the 8K at 55:10, 11 minute miles, which I felt great about! Anyone who has run with me knows that’s on the fast side for me.

And the final design of the 2010 teeshirts turned out ab-fab as well.

how satellites work

This Is Real Art has made a series of charming informational films on the way that satellites work. I’ve been designing a lot of info graphics to describe various technologies lately, so this is particularly interesting to me. Explaining complex idea in simply is no small feat – good, clean design is a must!

reading each day

What a great PSA poster from Color Cubic, a multidisciplinary creative studio here in Portland. Which reminds me – I need to get reading my book!

shimmy the sham

Ideas for this year’s Shamrock Run shirt.

design decisions

If there’s anything I’ve learned with my bathroom remodel, it’s that planning is everything. I’ve definitely experienced the domino effect with the project which has left my head spinning several times! Then there’s the axiety about how the finished product with look. Considering not only about the quality of the final work, but the design decisions that were made.

The thing I hemmed and hawed about the most was the grout color. Even while I was putting it up, I was doubting if “Deloreon Grey” was really the best choice.

So, when I saw this on Apartment Therapy this morning, I felt pretty good.

going the distance

My friend, Meredith is also participating in the Pacific Crest Triathlon this summer. She is working with Team in Training and has a fund-raiser coming up this weekend. I created an ID for her event. Fun stuff!
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bathroom plans

Tub to ceiling tile is looking to be a must. I love how it makes the room seem more grand in this remodel.

inspiration for interface project

Complete post via Behance Network