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The Noun Project

I love simple, clean icons, and coming across this site via swiss-miss makes me really happy! The Noun Project‘s mission is “sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world’s visual language”, which they accomplish through sharing free symbols.

It’s not clear where this collection of symbols comes from exactly, but the they do an excellent job at maintaining consistency of scale and style.

This is sure to be a great resource when concepting logos or identities.

Good Infographics

Good Infographic

I love me a good info-graphic, and wouldn’t you know, this site has a whole lot of excellent ones.

Ned Wenlock: “Apache” for Danger Beach

adele philinda slayton

Hot off the presses! Adele is making her big debut with her own custom birth announcements! I just finished these up, complete with use of my current fav font, Adelle.

my obsession with antlers

I recently learned about about something called shed hunting. It’s the practice of “hunting” for antlers that some of our four-legged friends shed every year. This all started when I discovered The Antler Lady, who creates long-lasting chew toys for dogs out of shed antlers. As the owner of a dog who can make quick work of toys that tout themselves as “indestructible”, I was intrigued by the promise of a chew toy that would last for months. And, although the antler only lasted a week, it by far outlasted anything else I’ve bought for distructo doggie. I’m hooked.

Suddenly I’m seeing antlers everywhere! I came across these charming antler hooks from Antler & Co today on and I’m set on making one! So, back to shed hunting. Must find antlers… The season is typically from December-February which means I have a few weeks to find someone who knows where to look for the antlers. I’m on the case.

Doggies painting

I finished this painting a couple months ago and have been wanting to share it. All I have at the moment is a cell phone picture, so I have to admit I doctored it in PS a little. I used regular interior paint on a 3/4″ piece of wood, then coated the whole thing with epoxy which gives it a wonderful thick gloss (like a bar top).

DIY Wall Garden

Here’s another idea is vertical gardening. This time, it’s of the DIY persuasion…

Tutorial by Martha McQuade of Uniform Natural

Fresh World Map

Love this map. Colors of course are a win for me, and the layout has a great modern feel, with an antique, old world nod. Designed by

understanding the cloud

I’ve been researching cloud computing for a freelance project, and came across these info graphics which both do a great job of explaining the development and growth of the cloud.

modern a-frame

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about A-frames. I love the asymmetry of this modern sleek A-frame cabin. Sometimes I think there is something mysterious and a tad spooky about old rustic A-frames tucked away in the woods. This one feels airy and light. A graceful compliment to the surrounding white birch trees.

The Allandale vacation house was designed by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based architect William O’Brien Jr.

Via: Buzz Beast | Allandale House | A Creative Outdoor Hideaway.