my obsession with antlers

I recently learned about about something called shed hunting. It’s the practice of “hunting” for antlers that some of our four-legged friends shed every year. This all started when I discovered The Antler Lady, who creates long-lasting chew toys for dogs out of shed antlers. As the owner of a dog who can make quick work of toys that tout themselves as “indestructible”, I was intrigued by the promise of a chew toy that would last for months. And, although the antler only lasted a week, it by far outlasted anything else I’ve bought for distructo doggie. I’m hooked.

Suddenly I’m seeing antlers everywhere! I came across these charming antler hooks from Antler & Co today on and I’m set on making one! So, back to shed hunting. Must find antlers… The season is typically from December-February which means I have a few weeks to find someone who knows where to look for the antlers. I’m on the case.

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