longest swim ever!

A really fun part about training for your first triathlon is completing new personal record distances. Tonight I swam 1100 yards–which is my farthest swim EVER! There’s something really fun about saying that. I joined Meredith at her regular swimming venue–the Mt Scott pool–which happens to be a convenient five minute bike ride from our houses. The pool at Mt Scott was warmer than LA Fitness, which was I liked and although the atmosphere was louder–with the big play area next to the lap pool–it was actually really nice to have the added energy in the space (LA Fitness’ pool is almost always eerily empty).

The swim went well, Meredith gave me a few pointers which really helped with rhythm. I worked on really raising my elbows out of the pool to get a rocking motion. This helped with breathing–in particular I noticed it helping me rotate to bring my head to the side for air.

Getting up to 1600 yards doesn’t feel so daunting!

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