daily double!

I hit up a 24 minute run with Bax this morning and a 600 yard swim (20 minutes) this evening. Rawr!

Feeling really good about the swimming, as it begins to feel more and more natural. I did mostly forward crawl tonight, but also tried out a drill that Mere described on her blog. It is designed to work your obliques by swimming on your side and using legs only. It’s a nice break for the arms, not to mention the lungs. Oh, and I managed to fog up my googles (from sweating), I’ll have to research what to do about this.

There are several things I find interesting about swimming culture. First off, I notice a lot of people at the pool who appear to be there to workout, but actually just stand in the pool with a friend or two and talk. Then there’s the folks that are there to get in, do their thing and take off. Sometimes they have accessories, like paddle boards or brightly-colored plastic object that somehow contribute to training. Then, there’s me, with my mis-matched bikini (still have not replaced the swimming suit that disintegrated), royal blue swim cap and orange googles, swimming furiously using unknown techniques.

Finished out the day with a game of Scrabble. Not bad, not bad.

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