Of the three events in the triathlon I’m training for, swimming is definitely the most intimidating. My training schedule for yesterday was running for 20 minutes and swimming 750 yards. I completed the running easily in the morning with my trusty four-legged partner in crime. When I got home from work I figured out how many laps exactly 750 yards was, and was a little shocked to learn it was 30 laps in a 25 yard pool!!

I ended up completing 16 laps (400 yards), which I feel really good about since the last time I really remember swimming any real distance was about three years ago when I swam around a bay in Costa Rica, although I remember having a beer in my hand, so nix that, not really real swimming…

Anyway, the event is still 19 weeks away, which gives me time to reach my final training distance of 1600 yards, and I hear wetsuits add buoyancy. I love that word, buo-yan-cy.

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