the secret

I was going through some old email today and discovered a conversation about the book The Secret. I’m going to delete the email, but wanted to preserve my thoughts about the book as I was reading it.

So, I started reading the book, “The Secret” on a friend’s recommendation. It has some good believing-in-good-things-happening-if-you-stay-positive kind of ideas, however, I’m having trouble certain notions. For example – with the idea that wealth will come to you if you think about it hard enough… Now, to me if seems more than a little condescending and unreal. I don’t buy the idea that people’s homes are being foreclosed upon because they haven’t been “thinking positively”. It’s basically a trended-up version of praying.

I believe in this sort of idea generally and I practice it. I have seen positive things come into my life when I can manifest the ideas. It’s pretty awesome and amazing!! I’m waiting for the book to have the turning point, however, where the author says, “ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking… why are their starving people in the world, when all they have to do is think about food…” I’ll keep reading to see about this!

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