alec martinez

A little boy named Alec Martinez passed away last night.

He was three years old. Three. 3. 1-2-3.

In attempting to make sense of something so tragic, unfair and heartbreaking, tonight I am thinking about what Alec’s life has taught me.

Because of Alec, I have learned the power of opening my heart. About three months ago, very soon after my thirtieth birthday, I felt a strong desire to give and I began to look for opportunities. I browsed the internet and talked to some friends but nothing seemed quite right, but I was prepared to be patient and find the right connection. My friend Jon is always giving to the community so he seemed like a likely candidate for ideas so I mentioned in passing one day at work. He had literally received an email that morning looking for designers to help with create materials for a run called Pace of Courage which would benefit my friend Stephen’s son, Alexander Martinez. Imagine that.

Because of Alec I met a wonderful woman named Shannon McArther, and would you believe it, her sister-in-law lives next door to me. Because of Alec, I now have a very strong connection with an amazing person – a person that I really was destined to meet.

Because of Alec I have begun to understand that a parent’s love is in fact unmeasurable. My thoughts are with Stephan and his wife, Vahnan.

If you are interested in participating in Pace of Courage, you can register here.

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