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I was over at Sydney’s today brainstorming with J. Ivy and noticed this older man who was rockin’ designer jeans and this shirt. I know I had seen it before, but wrote it down on the corner of my notebook to look up later. Of course, it was a shirt I had seen at Pategonia and the artist is Geoff McFetridge.

He’s got some really good ideas going here about how to making your work more meaningful. He explains a technique of working with graphics in a personal way. By infusing things from your personal/emotional life into your work, you can create some meaningful results.

On a personal level the shirt caught my eye because the bear instantly reminded me fishing in Alaska. The message hit me secondarily, and made me think that “simply” would be a good way to go about the ideas we were coming up with and above all is a good way to go throughout your day. Yes, sometimes it’s the little things!

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  1. thesmallviking says:

    beautiful losers strikes again!

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