I ran the Portland marathon in 2006. I decided to run it as a challenge to myself at I time when I needed a little inspiration, fueled by the inspiration of watching my mother walk it two years before. It was a lot of work in the form of sweat, blisters, aches and an insatiable appetite. I hardly took on the runner’s physique I had expected, and I didn’t bond with as many runners as I had expected. They overall culture of running was much more intense than most anything I had been involved with before.

I learned a new vocabulary with fun new words like, Moleskin, Goo, Hammer Gel, proper hydration, ankle pronation and chafing! These all became major concerns of mine as I set out on the journey.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having set that goal for myself and the experience of working towards it and completing it. For the first time since finishing the marathon in 06, I’ve been considering running the 2009 marathon. It’s just a consideration at this point, and perhaps this time my challenge won’t take the form of literally pounding the pavement!

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