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I came across a great blog all about packaging design called the dieline. Looking it over made me realize how much of a lover of packaging I am! Right off the bat, I see this:

They are boxes of Doreset Cereals, which I have myself purchased because of packaging. The packaging project I did for Hurst Berry was a challenging one. Packaging has so many possibilities to choose from, but once you make your selection, you have so many perimeters to work around.

Man, I love packaging! I’ve got to say the element of functionality hidden right there in the design is pretty awesome. Take for example a box of Reynold foil wrap, the end of the box has a tab to lock the roll in place.

My friends all think I’m a weirdo for thinking this is so cool, but it really is good design!

Back to packaging design, I still scan the berry department of Safeway (Fred G Meyer and New Seasons don’t seem to carry Hurst products) when I’m there for my packages, but have never spied them. The seem to still be using their old stuff. My contact over there is long since moved on to another job. It was still a great design whether it ever goes into market or not!

I’m currently starting work on another packaging design project for a product called Protein Freeze. It’s kinda like an ice cream substitute, but you can make it into shakes too. The form factor is one of those big-mama plastic jugs with a band label all the way around. I’m looking forward to the process. My client approved a look and feel back in December, but the project went on hold for a few months while I did some web design for him.

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