25 things about me

I liked the idea of making this list, but it’s not something I feel like sharing on Facebook, so here is where it will go.

  1. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. We moved from there when I was ten, but I always feel amazingly at peace when I’m there.
  2. My paternal grandparents were survivors of the Armenian genocide. They were extra-ordinary people.
  3. I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer from a young age. I made brochures and business cards for my lemonade stand. If I weren’t a graphic designer I think would have ended up a landscape architect.
  4. I got the nickname “the sampler” a few years ago from a co-worker who noticed I was always trying new things. That same co-worker got me into Yoga, which was something that stuck.
  5. I truly eat to live. Good food and drink is the most basic pleasure in life.
  6. I’ve always thought of myself as a mountain person, however traveling to Central America and Hawaii has created a small soft spot in me for the beach.
  7. My dog has made me a more generous and patient person.
  8. I have a huge extended family. I cannot even name all my cousins on my dad’s side.
  9. I ran the Portland marathon in 2006. 5:26. I was inspired by my mother walking it the year before. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve even done. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up running another one, but I don’t expect it will be anytime soon.
  10. I once split my lip open trying to jump my bike off a ramp with my brother. I had to have my chin sewn up with a circumcision kit because that’s all the doctor had on hand. He thought it was hilarious. I wasn’t so amused.
  11. Golden Girls was my favorite show in 3rd grade, don’t ask me why.
  12. The first tape I ever owned was the Stand By Me soundtrack.
  13. I saved my dad’s life when I was 17.
  14. When I was eight I wanted a perm more than anything in the world. I was devastated when I was turned away because my hair was too damaged from the well water our house was on.
  15. My parents have been married over 30 years and they are happy. They even renewed their vows to mark the 3-0. Sometimes it feels like a lot to live up to.
  16. If I could go anywhere tomorrow, it would be Beirut, Lebanon.
  17. The only church service I’ve ever been to was my Grandmother’s funeral.
  18. I believe in ghosts.
  19. I’ve never been a big book reader, it always makes me tired. This is something I constantly struggle with.
  20. I’m actually a really shy person. I just hide it well.
  21. I remember I time when I wasn’t able to pronounce my own last name.
  22. I still start to tear up when I hear the words “President Obama”.
  23. I really love owning a house.
  24. I caught a 50 lb King Salmon on the Kenai river – with the help of my cousin. It was way too strong for me to pull in on my own.
  25. I slept on the street one night on a doorstep in Florence, Italy with a couple of friends after we missed our train.


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  1. Catherine says:

    Love it! I’ll take a stab at that Golden Girls question, though (since the GG’s on DVD made their way to my xmas list this year): I think it has to do with too many evenings stuck at Grandma’s waiting for our moms to come pick us up. GG’s, Wings, and Empty Nest will always remind me of 1540 K.

  2. Mlle. Lierre says:

    I love, love, love this list. And it brings up questions for us to discuss the next time we’re at Carlyle.

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