baxter makes me laugh daily

It’s been exactly three weeks since I adopted Baxter, and he can definitely make me laugh! His latest goofball move was trying to keep up with the neighbor’s Greyhound, Beau. It was hilarious! Beau was running in a big circle (as Greyhounds do), and completely smoking Bax of course. Everyone at the park was laughing. Bax keep “cheating” by running in a smaller inner circle. He just wouldn’t give up. He even starting crying. Poor Baxter!

He is loving destroying stuffed animals, that is probably his favorite thing to do. Hey, as long as it keeps him from destroying my stuff, it’s all good with me!

Puppy school started last week. Lots of things I’d like to work on with him, he’s pretty smart and I think he’ll catch on pretty quick :)

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