growing veggies year round

I took an organic gardening class (taught by the Oregon Tilth) a couple of nights ago at beautiful Lusher Farm in West Linn. There was so much great information, I want to get it down before I for get it all!

You can grow a lot more during the fall and winter in this area than I would have though.
Root vegetables; garlic, shallots, onions, beets, radish
Brassicas; broccoli, cauliflower
Salad crops; chard, kale
Legumes; snow peas

There is lots of gardening “gear” which can help to raise the temperatures of garden beds. This article has a lot of great info about the different kinds of cold frames.

A floating row cover (aka Remay) – 2-3 degrees

Hoop house – 3-4 degrees
This page gives nice instructions on building a hoop house (they call it a cloche),

Cold Frame – 5-6 degrees

Cloche – 8-10 degrees


Renee’s Garden Seeds – Renee’s beautifully illustrated seed packets are enough to sell me, but the fact that they also have great information of the back is a major bonus!

Territorial Seed Company – Out of Cottage Grove, a stones throw from good ‘ol Eugene :) They put out a great catalog seasonally with awesome info and color photos.

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