This holiday season was more like an actual Winter Break – grownup edition :) The way the days fell, I ended up with two 4-day weekends in a row, plus I took an additional two days off, so it was actually a 4-day weekend, followed by an unheard of 6-day weekend!! It was nice. Very nice.

Was down in Eugene for Christmas were I took part in all the typical Christmas stuff we do. Lots of laying on the couch, catching up with friends and of course, sushi on Christmas Eve. I even made Christmas dinner – a eggplant and vegetable pasta with pumpkin pie for dessert (made by mom).

For New Years it was over to Bend with my good friend, Ashley. Spent some QT with Sage, although she was really sick (poor girl, I never see her miss a beat). She a gracious hostess as usual. Ashley and I got a pretty much epic day in on the mountain – even hiked the cinder cone for the last run.

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