missing costa rica

i’ve been seriously thinking about when my next trip down will be. no more vacation time for 2007 – so maybe another trip in january… but why do i miss it so much? was there something inherent about the people, climate, way of life… that is a great fit for me? or is it simply just that it was “somewhere else”? and a vacation?

i feel like i should get out of my comfort zone and do something different. i have been in portland for about 6 years now! well, i start my spanish classes next month – maybe things will seems a little clearer when those starts. i do know that i don’t want to simply travel around with no focus. i would like to work somewhere – teaching english is the first thing that comes to mind, although i don’t know how well-suited i am for that – would definitely be out of that comfort zone i was talking about though :)

below is the logo i designed for beto’s restaurant. initially, i wasn’t too psyched that he picked this logo – in fact i tried to talk him out of it…. but it he pointed out that my american taste is much different that tico tastes. so, this is the one he went with. it’s grown on me quite a bit – it’s a really good solution for the application for sure.

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