finding inspiration in the small things

i was pretty lazy this weekend. unusual for me, and i’ll blame it on the change of season… i’m chipping away on small stuff around the house. the office is lookin pretty good. i got through boxes and boxes of cards, art projects, photos, etc… totally doing the “wow look at this” thing – felt good. takes a lot of energy actually going down memory lane like that. some warm and fuzzies looking at where i’ve been.

refinished this old cart of sage’s. i remember she gave it to me when we lived together on 24th avenue. her boyfriend didn’t like it, but baby, if he could see it now!

checked on the lents farmers market – it was totally cute – really tiny! this neighborhood cracks me up though, all the big trucks and impatient honking. and i got a “hey mami” while walking to my car!! is this really portland??!

speaking of unbelievable things… i saw christmas decorations at the mall today! umm what??

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